Choose Your Email Marketing Software Wisely

Successful online business can’t be led without email marketing. Many people know that it is very important to have a web site but having a web site is only one step in creating successful online presence. You have to stay in touch with your clients and prospects. You need to have a two way communication with your clients and prospects and best way to do this is to have an email newsletter. To send emails to your customer you need the right email marketing software.

Choosing your email marketing software is one of the most important steps you have to take in e-business. What are those necessary steps in choosing email marketing software?

Free or fee-based

The first thing you will have to decide in choosing software for your email campaigns will be whether you want to use free or fee based software. Some people may say: “There is much free software on the Internet. Why would I pay for email marketing software?” This is because some people still don’t have a habit to buy things on the Internet, especially non-tangible items such are software and services. Many people still don’t realize the power of email marketing so they think that can be satisfied with a free service.

One of the most famous contemporary economists, a Nobel Prize winner Mr. Milton Friedman said that there is no such thing like free launch. And there is another statement that says “You get what you pay for”. I usually agree with these two statements. These have been proven on many examples, especially on the Internet.

You can choose to use free software for email marketing but you will be limited for some more advanced options. Some big portals offer free services for creating groups. This is OK, but in this case you will send your email messages without many important features like personalization, email tracking, sending SMS, using CSV files etc. I don’t have to mention that many “free” email marketing software providers will include their ads in your email newsletter. I guess that you don’t want that in your business email communication.

Some other free software like the free version of Group Mail will have limitation on the number of subscribers per one session. In this case you will be able to send your email newsletter to 100 subscribers at once and in paid version to unlimited number of subscribers and create unlimited number of lists.

It is recommended that you use fee-based email marketing software for your business email campaigns. However, you always have to look for a provider who offers a free trial, as well.

Important features

You have to check if your email service provider offers these several important features.

1) Personalization – personalization is one of the most important things that email marketing software has to provide. With good personalization you will have better open rates and click-through rates. Some more advanced email marketing software like Group Mail paid version offers if-then personalization for users who want to get the maximum personalization.

2) Monitoring – email marketing is popular and useful because results can be measured very effectively. You have to ask your email service provider if their product offers ability for detailed reports for open rates, click-through rates, deliverability…If their main product doesn’t offer that it is important that they offer additional service that can be easily integrated with their main product.

3) Scalability – one of the main features of modern software is scalability. At this moment you might need software that will be able to send 1,000 emails at once but in 3 years your membership base can be 5,000. Will your software be able to handle that?

4) Creating HTML newsletters – HTML newsletters have better response rates than email newsletters in plain-text format so this is also another thing you have to consider in choosing your email marketing software. Without sending your email newsletter in HTML you won’t be able to do email tracking.

5) Integration with existing applications and databases – your email marketing software has to offer you ability to import data from existing applications and databases like SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, FoxPro and Excel. Also, it is very useful that it can be integrated with popular email clients like MS Outlook.

6) International Character Support – Online businesses have to have a global focus so it is useful that email marketing software provides support for International Characters.

7) Plug-ins and updates – it is very important that the email service provider constantly works on creating useful plug-ins and updates in order to make your work easier and more effective.

8) Technical support -If you are an average Internet user without technical knowledge you will probably want to get support for your software. How good is your email service provider when it comes to technical support?

Desktop email software vs. Hosted ASP

Now when you know do you want free or fee-based software and what to look in your email marketing software you have to decide do you want to have desktop email marketing software or so called Hosted ASP. Both types have limitations and advantages. You have to choose the best option for you.

Desktop email software like Group Mail Plus, one of the leading desktop email marketing software, has several very big advantages. The most important is that details of your subscribers are kept private and secure on your own computer. Dot com crash is not so far behind us. Imagine that you have several thousand clients and use web based service from a company that will later go out of business. You can only imagine how that could affect your business and credibility! With Group Mail Plus you can manage an unlimited number of groups with unlimited number of recipients in each. You will have a larger initial investment than with Hosted ASP which charge a monthly fee, but you will a full control of your email campaigns and after some time of using your software you will repay it.

With Hosted ASP you will usually have a lower initial investment. You don’t have to buy hardware and software. However, price is usually determined by the number of emails you send so you will pay more how your membership base gets bigger so this option will be much more expensive than a desktop email marketing software option in the long run.

You can see that choosing the right email marketing software is very important. You have to bear in mind that the biggest investment is one that it is paid – twice. So, choose your email marketing software wisely.

Email Marketing Software – How to Choose the Right Software For Your Email Marketing Strategies

Firstly when choosing the software for your e-mail marketing program, you should make up your mind on whether you are going to do the marketing yourself, or you will outsource to a marketing agency. You could use both because that is possible also, which ever you choose make sure it is right for you. You do not want to pick one of the two above marketing strategies and find that it is no good to you, that is just a complete waste of time and money.

If you have other business commitments that are perhaps more important than putting together an email marketing campaign, then your best bet is to outsource this important task to a third party. Make sure the third party agency is competent and has experienced and specializes in this type of work.

Doing own your email marketing campaign and selecting your own email marketing software, can have it`s own advantages. First of all you can have control over what you do and how you do it. You can see and do what ever you think is best because nobody knows your business better than you. It also gives you more flexibility to do what is right for your business. If you do it correctly you will find it cheaper than employing a third party to do it for you.

As there are thousands even millions companies that supply business email software, it may take a little time to find the right one.

Here are some basic tips on choosing the right ones:

1. You can get free email marketing software, so whether you get free software or you buy the software make sure that it is specialized in the operation that you want it to perform. You can get software that can perform a lot of tasks in the same package, But be careful, check this out because it may not be the best tool that you want for a particular job. The software that performs a lot of tasks can be complicated to use.

Email marketing has several parts? getting email addresses, managing them, creating messages, sending email and checking the results. So it is better to choose a software program that is specialized in email marketing only.

2. Choose email software that can also be used in conjunction with other bulk email marketing software and email marketing services.

3. Choose emailing software that is simple to use with your own and most other computers, the reason for this is you never know when you might change your computer. Make sure you do not need any additional applications or hardware for it to operate correctly.

4. A good e-marketing campaign software should allow you to pause or disconnect the application. You may think this is not useful when you first start, but when your marketing campaign increases, you will see the importance of this feature.

5. Email marketing is forever evolving and expanding in the area of business marketing, so the software that you use must be able to keep up with the ever changing market place. That is why you should purchase your email software from a company that is a specialist in e-marketing.

If a software company offers you a free trial take them up on there offer and try a few other free trials as well. These trial offers will help you to choose what is the most suitable product for you. Read reviews of different software programs, this will give you a good indication of the suitability of the product and if it is the software product that you want.

I hope this article is helpful, about email marketing software and will help you in your email marketing strategies. Good luck.

Choosing The Best Network Marketing Software

The advancement in network marketing systems have also opened up doors when it comes to the use of network marketing software. Indeed, it has made the lives of internet marketers more convenient such that you can generate results in your marketing efforts in a timely manner.

The idea of automating your efforts with the use of a software is no longer new in today’s online industry. But for newbies, you need proper guidance when choosing the best software around.

Benefits of Using Network Marketing Software

There are many reasons why you would want to consider using a network marketing software. Here are some of the promising benefits that await you:

– It is crucial to your business’ success as you can deliver more consistent marketing efforts to produce real results.

– It enables you to speed up the process of how you do things in your marketing organization so you can determine whether the system works or not.

– You can do the work of several people at once and therefore enable you to make better use of your time.

As much as there are numerous benefits to using a network marketing software, much of that depends on your choice of software to use. You must therefore continue reading below to find out how you can identify the best software to use in the market.

Factors to Consider

There are literally hundreds of software available in the market that promise to help you out in your network marketing efforts. Some might be more affordable than the others, while there are also those that come with a wider range of features.

The key thing to remember here is this: what exactly do you need for your network marketing campaign? That way, you no longer have to pay for features that you won’t be able to use nor will you be tricked into a cheaper but ineffective software.

Compensation Plan

One of the most basic factor to consider when choosing a network marketing software is whether it supports your company’s compensation plan. This is a very important factor to consider such that you are free to go for a unilevel, forced matrix, or binary software, provided that it suits your company’s compensation system.

History and Reputation

Another practical consideration when buying software is its reputation. Specifically, you’d want to buy software from a company whose built up a good reputation in the industry. It is therefore advisable for you to conduct a thorough research and comparison for all the software providers in the industry. Since you are looking at it as a form of investment, you need to be wise when it comes to spending your money.

Speed of Software

Finally, the software must perform at a reliable speed. One of the main purpose of using a network marketing software is to speed up process within your company. So, how can you achieve that goal if your software cannot deliver up to the speed and rate at which you expect them to? A slow system can be bad for your business and could pull down your productivity rate.